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Whoo hooo! snow is falling, freeway’s been closed 3, 4 maybe 10 times already and it’s looking like it is still snowing right now. When will we get to ski? Soon. Here we go, updated news for the corridor.

Every year there is a whole lotta prep to do before the Sno-Parks are buffed and ready to go. In the spring / summer, trash cleanup, road work, equipment fixed, budget set. Then usually trail work early fall and in November / Dec. put signs out, build snow berms, close roads, parking plowed, sani-cans delivered, trails packed and then finally corduroy set.

For the latest grooming info for Cabin Creek and Erling Stordahl visit the Kongsberger Ski Club and for the P2C, Lake Easton State Park and sled dog trails check CCWRC home page.

Cabin Creek is closed – snow berm is in. LandTec is working on getting the trails packed and rolled.

The P2C (Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail) - Groomer was out on the trail today track packing from Easton to Hyak. The schedule is for continued preparation and grooming Friday 12/10 in the morning hours. And nothing for Saturday and then next grooming to be Sunday 12/12 in the morning hours.

On to Denny Creek – a brand new Sno-Park! Right now the name is not official so we should probably just stick with “Exit 47” for the moment, but it will probably be Denny Creek. There are bound to be a few hiccups, but the area at Exit 47 that takes you to the Asahel Curtis picnic area will be plowed this year! Signs were going up and the plow contractor is set. This is a non-motorized Sno-Park and it will provide parking for those wanting to snowshoe to Franklin Falls. As of this afternoon it was about 1.5’ deep and as the snow removal contractor left, there was about 3 more inches.

Some of you heard that the Sno-Park program had a fair bit of very last minute contract issues as various government agencies that do snow removal throughout the state backed out due to staffing shortages. These agencies provided a service that might otherwise be hard to find someone willing to drive their equipment a long distance to plow a small lot. I will stress that these agencies were contracted by the Sno-Park program. Your permit fees pay for snow removal. So anyway, contracts are now in place for Blewett Pass, Hyak and Gold Creek. Whew. A whole lotta work by a handful of folks went in to getting Hyak and Gold Creek plowed this year. They are not the kind of lots that work well with a pickup truck mounted blade. We are thankful that this all came together.

The website will be updated with grooming schedules and event compilation this weekend and more pages during the next week or two.

Lets hope this snowfall stays and we get enough to have skiing for the holidays. With the potential storm on Saturday we may get our wish.


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