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Happy winter!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Feb. 19th, 2021

Happy Winter! Great snow for the moment! All this new snow does not make for fast skating, but we’ll take it.

I can't interpret the above image, but I do find these endlessly fascinating. We do have "weather" in the forecast. Mostly snow until Sunday with possible rain in the afternoon and evening.

When it snows a lot like we’ve had the past week and with more to come, there is enhanced potential metal and mechanical stress on equipment. Today I was shown the metal “rip” in the photo below. Right in the middle where it is dark. Top Green pulling away from horizontal green. What is broken is the depth control cylinder mount which holds the tiller.

This is not a program groomer, but a perfect example of what can happen. Then, because our trails are not next to a nice big well-equipped garage, most repairs are made on site. In the below photo, something is missing off that round thing... Repairs are part of the gig, but it would not be pleasant nor safe working in remote areas around heavy stuff in the cold and wet. Its bad enough changing a tire in the snow with screaming wind, bitter cold, 4 AM and you are only 7 miles from home after a 10-hour drive most of it in snow.

I mention this because we all expect our grooming to be on schedule, but sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it is because they have a long slow run with deep snow and run out of gas. Maybe they may have to dig out avalanche debris. Parts need ordering, delivery can be slow due to COVID and who knows what else. We all love our grooming and are very thankful that our groomers love their handiwork.

Please remember when venturing out in cold and snow to be prepared for getting stuck in traffic, experiencing your own mechanical issues, or injuries.


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