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In full operation! Finally

check this out:

77" this week!!!

Thursday 1/16/2020 4:30 PM 28 Degrees overcast

Hyak Sledding Hill

prepped just waiting on the installation of the fence on the bottom of hill.

Hyak to Crystal Springs:

Trail was groomed today in the AM. Trail is expected to be groomed through 1/20/2020 in the AM hours.

Crystal Dog Sled Trails:

Trails are in excellent condition all groomed out well no water problems

Trail was groomed today in the PM. Trail is expected to be groomed 1/20/2020 in the AM hours.

Lake Easton:

Trail was groomed today in the AM. Trail is expected to be groomed through 1/20/2020

In full operation! Finally.

After a week of pretty intense weather, and massive quantities, there was a break today and those that had the option of heading up enjoyed very nice cold conditions.

Many of you who have skied up here for many years know the scenario. But here we go.

When we get the day after day snow in these storm cycles, no one can keep up. When equipment runs hours upon hours things break. Remember, our Sno-Park crews work for OUR FUN. WSDOT works for safety, commerce and our fun and all are working a lot lately. As a result, we are in full operation now! WSDOT plowed Gold Creek (I think). Sled dog trails has their inaugural groom this week along with Lake Easton State Park. P2C is good, and LandTec is finally able to groom Erling Stordahl and Cabin Creek should be fantastic. I suspect Gold Creek might be quite narrow. I am not going in there to check.

I have not heard from Salmon La Sac for a few days. I suspect they are having the same challenges. The road out to the Sno-Park is a county road and plowed by the county AFTER they are caught up with plowing all the roads. The USFS use a snowmobile groomer pulling a roller thing (sorry, I forgot the term) and when it gets deep like this, they often hire out the snowmobile program big groomer to pack it down and set the platform.

Heads up when trees are loaded. Remember a few years ago with trees coming down night after night? Some are still caving under the load this year.

Plan on massive crowds this weekend! Really massive. And the weather forecast at this point is for possibly another foot of snow Friday night through Saturday night. Which means when you get up there on Saturday, it might not be groomed!

Events: out of Crystal Springs, far back lot, will be the “Crystal Dog Challenge” – sled dog races. Plan on skijor and big teams on the trails. Feel free to come watch. Start time is 9 AM both days. Remember, ALL dogs must be on leash. No flexies.

Events out – Jan 25th – Saturday, Ski For Light at Erling Stordahl.

Sunday Jan 26th - Cabin Creek: Kongsberger Ski Club race - Stampede 15k and 5k freestyle


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