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It's winter! but back to warm cycle

Well here we are in another rain cycle. This isn’t what skiers want, but its what we have. Enter grooming! Grooming was invented so we could ski in all conditions, and then skating became a faster way to travel and who knew how much fun that was going to be! Now we are all addicts and prize that corduroy. I used to live in the Tahoe area and while I didn’t skate back then, I knew folks who would skate out in the meadows at the prime 2 hours in the morning during early spring. Freeze warm snow overnight, thaw that top 1-2” in the morning and you have unlimited skating. Go anywhere. In the sun. Heaven.

But back to here and our current situation. If you go up, plan on some slush in the parking lots. The contractors are working on clearing slush so hopefully you won’t get stuck. This happens every year. Remember to stash that big shovel.

This is the weekend of Kongsberger’s 2nd race of the season – Stampede 2020 at Cabin Creek Sno-Park on SUNDAY. don't delay! sign up NOW!

This will be a very busy place.

The same great Cabin Creek grooming artists groom Erling Stordahl and they’ve been working on establishing a nice wide base for skaters and those double set tracks for Ski For Light participants this SATURDAY.

It will probably be warm but skiable. Head on up!

State Parks put out a blog this week that summarizes the Sno-Park program and highlights just a few opportunities out there. Our non-motorized Sno-Park program is funded buy the sale of permits and the Snowmobile program is funded by a gas tax and sled registration. The funds are kept separate.

Check it out here.

The warming hut featured in the blog had some financial help from the non-motorized program. Rebuilding it was a HUGE effort over many years by the local snowmobile community. It is open to everyone.

Events in the queue:

Saturday Feb. 1st at Hyak – Special Olympics

Sunday Feb. 2nd at Hyak – Jente Loppet

Saturday Feb, 8th – 10:30 – 1:30 Treats on the Trail

One final tidbit - so many of you are asking what P2C is.

Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail

It used to be John Wayne Pioneer Trail IN Iron Horse State Park. Name was changed a year or so back to highlight that it is a cross state corridor.

The musher in the photo at top is Ari from Sedro Woolley. She's been a musher since she's been about 3' tall. In her spare time she is a graphic artist.


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