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March madness?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Well, what a week huh? I hope to find refuge up skiing this weekend but may find myself working. There are 3 more weekends left. There is a winter weather advisory out for tomorrow and Saturday so we may get a touch of a refresh which will be welcomed. It looks to be a bit chilly with temps overnight in the teens!

As usual for this time of year, activities have wound down.

Saturday is the mountaineers Patrol Race based out of Meany Lodge. You may see a bunch of folks on shorter fat skis out and about on Sunday as they leave. The Trek and Lunch is cancelled.

I checked on grooming for the P2C going east from Stampede Pass road (54 road) and they will make a pass on Friday and hopefully it will hold up over the weekend. The Mountaineers will still be grooming the 420 road (their access to lodge) for the next 3 weeks. This may make the sled dogs trails more usable for skijorers.

Erling Stordahl and Cabin Creek will start to see some reduced grooming starting next week.

Erling Stordahl will be groomed Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Cabin Creek will most likely see Thursdays dropped. Only 1 or 2 more trips up Amabilis and maybe only 1 or 2 times out on South Loop.

Erling Stordahl storm repair took a big dent out of the budget. The crew spent a lot of time pushing snow back after it washed away. We are lucky they were able to fix it and its been in fantastic shape ever since.

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wash your hands and go ski!


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