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One more month left!

We are headed into the last month of our Sno-Park grooming program. Get it while you can!

Ok - for all procrastinators out there – Its time! Make a decision and sign up for the Ozbaldy Freestyle race this Sunday. This is a long race - 50k and 5 laps around the course.

This is the last race of the season and should be a lot of fun.

Ski for Light is on the schedule for Erling Stordahl on Saturday. See photo above for what Erling can look like on Ski for Light days. Last weekend was gorgeous. This afternoon was pretty darn nice and spring like up there.

See the photo posted above? Look familiar? This survey is trying to show where we go and why within the Upper Yakima Basin (Snoqualmie Pass to just west of Ellensburg). This will remain open until March 10th, go to this page:

This survey is fun and needs more respondents. Allocate about 15 - 20 minutes to take it. One thing you can think about in advance are those specific places you enjoy and why. I found myself dreaming of places to go and things to do with the changing of the seasons. I was in a happy place. Give it a go. Tip – try to find focus areas where you can be specific. Think of your favorite swimming spot, or special rocks, or particular plants, or favorite hike, or… you get the idea. Oh, and you get to draw on a map! Woot.

Something that we are a bit stymied on is how to get the NEPA studies accomplished for our ski trails so we can do meaningful trail work. Recently the “East Cascades Recreation Partnership” was formed as a potential way to unite and collaborate with user groups, coordinate for funding and share resources such as expertise and tools. Our area has stunning population growth and as a result huge increases in natural landscape impacts and reduced budgets for maintenance and facility improvements. Mountains to Sound Greenway will take the organizational lead and numerous land managers are active participants. This group had its first business meeting today and the room was full of folks who care about our unique places and know the area well. We were presented with the preliminary results of the Human Ecology Study survey mentioned above which was interesting and going forward, we will try to accomplish trail improvements, clean water preservation, and improve habitat using the survey results as a guideline. Non-motorized winter recreation is represented.

I had hoped to report on Snoqualmie Nordic Clubs hut project, but we are not quite ready for this project announcement.


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