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quiet week in the mountains

I know there was good skiing this week, and even some sun!

There is really nothing much to report this week, no grooming reports came in. Here is what I do know:

The P2C out of Hyak is repaired and back in operation, albeit a bit dirty after power maintenance folks with a variety of heavy equipment were out on the trail this week.

I also asked about potential pothole repair for Crystal Springs Sno-Park. The road is awful right now with no option avoiding the holes. The loop road will be repaired in time for next season.

Event for this weekend:

Ski for Light returns to Erling Stordahl on Saturday. Double set tracks.

There are NO events for Sunday.

Lake Wenatchee State Park is ending grooming for the season.

Next weekend is the Meany Lodge Carnival weekend which is full of festivities and fun. Reservations are closed.

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