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Repair time

Latest round of weather sure left its mark, but we had a week of less wet and the wet spots are draining. I think it was the wettest I’ve ever seen in Erling Stordahl and parts of many trails were washed away. LandTec is fixing the trails bit by bit. All of them. Lake Easton State Park crew is out fixing too, but they called it quits on the Dog Sled Trails, Easton Reload to Crystal and Lake Easton State Park until it snows. It just plain needs to snow again and cool off. Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) forecasts the snow level to drop over the next few days, so hopefully we will see a refresh.

No grooming on the Sled Dog Trail system, Lake Easton State Park and Easton Reload to Crystal until conditions improve.

We are upon a holiday weekend! Valentine’s Day tomorrow and Presidents Day on Monday.

The only scheduled activity this weekend is Ski for Light at Erling Stordahl on Saturday. Remember they groom side by side set tracks, and while the skate lanes were still pretty wide, they are maybe not as much at the moment. Mountaineers have their weekly Saturday Trek and Lunch, but you need to sign up for those way in advance now.

Many of you vented plenty of frustration with the lack of grooming updates out of Hyak and Crystal Springs this season. Well, I’ve been reassured that the Program will have live grooming updates operational next winter. This effort is mostly by a volunteer and is at the testing phase. I think there are a few bugs to still work out, but it appears to be progressing.

The Lake Easton State Park grooming report is on the home page.

The photo at the top is of logs and tree debris pushed up against the ice! We see that every winter to some degree, but not usually that big of a pod. Bottom is from Roaring Creek looking back to the Pass.


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