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Dec. 15th, 2022

Signs signs signs and more signs. You have no idea how much work it is to put up signs. Hundreds of them. I call this the sign season. It is always a scramble to get signs up before the holidays. Some years there is not enough snow to get them in, and some years, we get weathered out. You would think the signs would be neatly tucked away in a nice spacious shed, and well, some are, but in my experience, it is always a low priority come spring and they just get stacked wherever there is room and someones gift of time and energy in that moment. As a result, sometimes we wonder where the heck such and such sign went. I thought for sure I had a few in my garage, but nope.....

The USFS 54 road (Stampede Pass) Use Divider signs underwent a bit of an overhaul this past year and they are all out and look so perfectly engineered. Hard to see in the photo, but going on down the road you can see at least 4 more, all in a nice row. The Mountaineers spearheaded this project about a dozen years ago and we thank them for this as it works and makes an option exiting the Sno-Park for traveling safely up to the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail and beyond.

Last season you may have noticed new wayfinding signs in Erling Stordahl. We are now on year two of getting a process nailed and all the “pieces” stored in one location. I think it will take next season to complete and make it routine and not a head scratch-er going “where did that particular configuration and trail sign go, or why are there 2 arrows on this?

State Parks puts up the permanent and seasonal parking lot signs - lots of them. They do not have many seasonal to put up on the P2C other than the “no dogs beyond this point” – which is on the Lost Lake Road and P2C intersection looking west towards Hyak. This is a reminder for new folks that dogs are illegal on State Parks groomed ski trails with one exception which is going East of the Lost Lake Road to accommodate safe travel for dog mushers. Volunteers tackle snowshoe route signs out of Hyak.

The sled dog trail signs are mostly permanent and USFS assisted volunteers for installation.

State Parks takes care of all of Lake Easton State Park. USFS takes care of Salmon La Sac and Blewett Pass.

Cabin Creek is maintained by Kongsbergers Ski Club.

The groomer operators help immensely with all sorts of sign related tasks.

Onto other news. A snow removal contract is in place for Blewett Pass and it is plowed and open. Salmon La Sac was groomed last Monday and is scheduled for tomorrow!

At Erling Stordahl, we need more snow before the groomer operator can start their sculpting. Right now there is not enough snow depth to set tracks. But the skating should be decent with a few whoops and rolls over stumps and buried logs and what not. It is amazing that they were able to do what they’ve done. Right now he is building the base. Snow was nice and dry yesterday. Can each of you pick up a cone or 2 and sticks as you take your early season breathers and toss trail debris to the side? Every little bit helps. Thank you!

PS - back to signs:

State Parks has a sign survey going, I know there are plenty of you out there that like to express opinions. Here is an option:

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission (State Parks) is currently updating the agency’s Sign Manual. The original sign manual (1972) was most recently updated in 1994.

In that time, Washington’s population has grown by over 3 million and is becoming younger and more diverse every day. Our signage must meet the needs of all the people we serve.

To help us understand the information needed in State Parks, this survey will walk you through the experience of visiting. Starting with planning your trip, then arriving at the park, and enjoying your activities. Along the way, we will be asking about the information you need to make this visit welcoming, fun, and safe.


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