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Welcome Back 2019

Snow is falling in the mountains!  Our trails are cleared, brushed and many signs are up.  Grooming machines are ready to roll!  My Sno-Park permit is purchased but I still need to clean and wax my skis.  But in any case, we’re ready. Bring it on!

We have almost the same crew on board for staff (Rangers) in the Sno-Parks, snow removal and grooming crews as last season.  Not too much in the way of new equipment, but it is all well maintained, and all efforts should ramp up quickly and smoothly. We are waiting for more snow, road closures and snow berms before any groomed skiing begins.

We are fortunate to have Iron and Hovey Creeks scheduled for grooming again this winter. This was a hit last winter and I am sure it will be popular this winter. There is no guarantee this project will continue, but it is an area that is a little quieter and offers a different experience than in the I-90 corridor.

This past summer was not quite as busy for winter rec volunteers as the summer before, but there was still plenty of work completed.  Concluding last winter was trash pickup after the snow melted which no one likes to do, but we certainly had a sense of accomplishment.  A few volunteers took time away from busy schedules to attend the summer funding meeting presenting applications for funding (increased grooming at Cabin Creek – not funded), or just keeping tabs on decisions. This fall there were plenty of trail work with numerous work parties up on Amabilis, one small one at Erling Stordahl and a new work party brushing at Lake Easton State Park.  Volunteers maintain the weather station equipment for Kongsbergers Ski Club. Snoqualmie Nordic just had their annual ski swap and are working on another big project which will be unveiled later.

Something that we are a bit stymied on is how to get the NEPA studies accomplished so we can do meaningful trail work.  Recently the “East Cascades Recreation Partnership” was formed as a potential way to unite and collaborate with user groups, coordinate for funding and share resources such as expertise and tools. Mountains to Sound Greenway will take the organizational lead and numerous agencies are active participants. Some of you may have noticed the meeting announcements this fall.  I will report more on this group later this winter.

See the photo posted? Look familiar?  Survey is still open, go to this page:

There are many activities lined up for our area this winter.  See home page for event listings.

See Snowshoe page for all the opportunities out there off the groomed ski trails.


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