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Well that was quite the storm!

Well, went from cold and fluffy snow to spring conditions. Crazy. And a crazy deep snow-pack for this time of year or compared to the past few years.

First, if you are not participating in the race at Cabin Creek, try to ski elsewhere. Race weekends are always full.

The folks working at the Sno-Parks are STILL catching up. When you go up this weekend, plan on flexibility and a variety of conditions.

The residents working on digging out have had some fun - especially those snowbound on a quiet rare I-90 closure. In Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth and Cle Elum areas, many were having fun with the novelty of so much snow, and yet, dealing with the potential of roofs collapsing, being housebound for a week and hoping for no emergencies. Snow removal folks only have limited equipment and can only do so much and many of them had to dig themselves out before they could get to work. Most of us who have kept track of the evolving storm have learned that it all takes a whole lot of time, resources and effort to dig out. Not to mention avalanches - hundreds of them all over.

Here are the P.S.’s -

Exit 47 Denny Creek – the Asahel Curtis Sno-Park, may not be plowed for parking, so if you are planning to go there, have a Plan B just in case. Remember there is no parking allowed up top.

Gold Creek – also has many challenges. It will be decided tomorrow (Friday) morning how they are going to handle that place. As it is currently, it does not have a turnaround.

Crystal Springs is in good condition, so is Cabin Creek. Haven’t heard if parking is a problem in Lake Easton State Park, but I suspect it is all fine.

The following USFS press release updates us on the Salmon La Sac area and points further east.

Report from Lake Easton State Park (also posted on the home page as usual):

Thursday 1/13/2022 4:16PM 33 Degrees / Raining

Hyak Sledding Hill:

Hill was groomed today. Grooming is expected to continue according to schedule.

Hyak to Crystal Springs:

Trail groomed and track set.

Grooming is expected to continue according to schedule.

Crystal Dog Sled Trails:

DP100 out of Crystal Springs is cleared and groomed.

Dog sled system has been 60% cleared and groomed.

Due to mechanical failure of equipment grooming is suspended. Grooming will continue Monday 1/17.

Lake Easton:

Trail has been cleared and grooming has been completed track has been set. 95% of the trails are open and groomed.

Trails conditions are satisfactory. Heavy amount of timber litter on groomed trail.

Next grooming will be Saturday 1/15 and Sunday 1/16 in the afternoon hours.

Easton Reload: Due to mechanical failure operators will not be able to groom the trail until Monday 1/17.

While we are on the subject of grooming, Erling Stordahl is still work in progress. If any of you skiers would like to carry a small shovel and a pruning saw in your backpacks, it might help for getting the trail in good shape for Ski For Light next weekend. Any help is appreciated getting the sticks and branches off the trails. Also, we could probably use the same help at Lake Easton State Park.

Last, the Mountaineers / Meany Lodge folks also have time invested in removing over 30 trees and have the 420 road back in shape. The skier side of the 54 road / Stampede Pass road, may or may not be groomed.

Volunteer help is an integral part to the Sno-Park program. Thank you to all of you who just go out and pitch in.

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Unknown member
Jan 14, 2022

It would be great to post this somewhere that is not Facebook. There are lots of folks who don't do FB and this is pretty important info.

Pico Cantieni

Cle Elum



U.S. Forest Service - Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Jan. 12, 4:18 PM

Sno-Park Update I-90 Corridor/Upper Kittitas County Area- (January 12, 2022) Due to the extended closure of both Passes, contractors are working to get Sno-Parks reopened and routes groomed. As of Monday (1/10) snow rangers were unable to access most of the Forest Service managed Sno-Parks. Several trails are in need of tree clearing and there is a significant amount of snow to plow. Winter recreation managers anticipate that many, but not all Sno-Parks to be back…

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