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There is grooming at the top of Amabilis. Check out the grooming report, or the Cabin Creek Sno-Park page for info.

Well, since there is not much else going on in the I-90 corridor, I thought maybe some news from Lake Wenatchee State Park would be appropriate and a link to the Snoqualmie Pass USFS snowshoe page. so here you go:


Lake Wenatchee State Park news:

Hello skiers . . .

I feel I should touch bases with you all so you know we're still here and ready to begin grooming trails. We're more than ready. Ready and waiting . . .

No snow currently, no accumulations forecast through next week. What a bummer. Here are a couple links on the subject:

Current conditions in the park:

We will be starting from scratch when (if) the snow comes, right in the heart of the (normal) season. Be patient - we usually spend a couple or several days establishing a base for our trails during early season snows. We need a nice dense foot of snow to groom well, and this is after we've been scraping, leveling, and filling the base for a while. We'll do everything we can to provide good skiing opportunities with whatever snow we have even while building a base.

In other news:

Dog Trial: In response to growing requests, we are going to allow dogs on the Chiwawa See & Ski trail this winter, after 3 p.m. We've been in touch with other Nordic areas that have allowed dogs in some capacity and they all report remarkably positive experiences and few conflicts. Check out the attached posters for more information. A comment box will be maintained at the trailhead throughout the winter for your feedback.

Guided Snowshoe Hike: El Sendero, a local organization dedicated to human-powered backcountry fun will be offering a guided snowshoe trip in our North Park on January 1. This is part of a statewide effort to get folks outside in our state parks on New Years Day. Check out the attached poster for more details. Please call the park if you are interested - (509) 763-3101.

Volunteers! Volunteers continue to provide us with much needed labor and expertise (nearly 100 hours this winter). Our North and South Snowshoe trails have been re-established after the carnage of last winter's storm thanks to Lloyd and Kathy Brodniak and Bob and Jerry Jennings. Bill Miller continues to spearhead volunteer efforts in wrangling brush on Nason Ridge. He and a bunch of folks from Kahler Glen also created a new route for our snowcat that will allow for a much more reasonable and moderate climb up the last bit from the golf course to the start of the Lower Nason trail.

That's it for now. If any of you have any questions or suggestions, please respond to us here at

Rick Halstead, Park Manager

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Office: (509) 763-3101

Cell: (509) 630-0038


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