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winter is here! brrrrr

Well, my activity / event and conditions blog is a bit late this week. Sorry. There are only so many hours in the day and I ran out.

It was very cold out there today with the wind, but hey, it is WINTER! Snow conditions are still "early season", but overall, skiing was probably pretty darn good everywhere. With the snow forecast for tonight, we might get a few more rocks covered and maybe Erling Stordahl can get groomed. With that note, hey, we need trail volunteers next fall to help smooth out those trails so we can get them opened up sooner. Work parties will be announced.

Please go out and get those Sno-Park permits!!! Sales are down (of course) and this will reflect in grooming frequency next season. Thank you to those who have purchased theirs!

Events today were "treats on the trail" - hopefully some of you got to eat some yummmies. The other event is the renewal of the "Patrol Race" by the Mountaineers. I am looking forward to hearing how that went. Next weekend is the Cabin Creek Stampede. The Crystal Dog Challenge was cancelled.

On a side note, once click led to another while looking for a historical photo of Hyak Sno-Park and I found this wonderful ski history compilation for Snoqualmie Pass and Cle Elum on Sahalie Ski Club website. Check it out:

By the way, State Parks is soon going to unveil their updated website. whoo hooo! I will fix all CCWRC links once that happens.


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