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Okee dokee, I think this storm might just get things going. It is pouring at my house right now and I know the pass cams show a lot of snow. According to my sources, it is snowing hard and it’s been a long day hauling equipment / chaining up and driving from Sno-Park to Sno-Park. Those groomers and snow removal folks are quite busy right now. So when you go up tomorrow, just plan on what you see is what you get. Be prepared for winter, and have a quiver of skis.

I have not compiled the event calendar. I’ll get on it soon.

Here is the status:

Cabin Creek still has those 2 (I think 2) washout spots that are still open as of this evening, but every place else is looking good.

Erling Stordahl will be evaluated tomorrow morning. That area often needs 2-3’ of snow due to the coarseness of the trail bed and the winter wet areas.

Crystal Springs as of 5 PM:

Crystal Dog Trail to Iron Horse:

12" base. Currently closed due to a washed out culvert. Trail repairs are scheduled for Friday morning. Trail is scheduled to open Friday afternoon if conditions allow. See picture at bottom.

5400 Rd:

6" new snow. The east side of the 5400 Rd. will be groomed on schedule for non - motorized use from Crystal Springs to Iron Horse. Expect low snowpack conditions. Signs for use separation dividers are not out yet. We need volunteers to help put those out when it is time. I will post on Facebook a call for volunteers.

Hyak Sledding Hill:

6" inches new snow. Currently closed. Insufficient snowpack. Conditions will be re-evaluated Friday / Saturday morning.

Hyak to Crystal Springs:

6" new snow. Grooming will continue on schedule with current conditions. Track has been set in areas where conditions allow. Expect low snowpack conditions

Grooming is scheduled everyday starting tomorrow and thru the holidays on the Iron Horse. (JWPT). Starting Jan 1st, regular schedule of MWFSS.


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