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gorgeous weekend

I hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous sunny weather last weekend! Skiing was most excellent everywhere. We managed to ski the sled dog trails and had the best conditions (for us) this winter. Remember, no dogs off leash ever never don't even think about it, out of Crystal Springs.

We are so lucky to have a diversity of trail systems in our area. Have you checked them all out? I challenge you to try someplace new this weekend. Post some reports on our Facebook page accessed from the little symbols on this website.

Our season is winding down. There is an abundance of snow and the crowds have thinned. A bit anyway. Our last event of the season is Saturday when Ski For Light skis at Erling Stordahl out of Crystal Springs. Dual tracks set side by side. A great time to grab a friend and ski together!

I do know that Erling Stordahl, South Loop and the dog sled trails were just finished with grooming so those should be excellent for tomorrow (Friday). They are already set up!

Snowshoe treks are still on schedule out of Snoqualmie Pass. See information here.

Now, for some other tidbits. Northwest Avalanche Center wrote a blog that is worth reading. Found here. It never hurts to refresh our knowledge of staying safe while playing in the winter.

Along that line, if you venture out off groomed in the higher elevations, be aware of the water areas which never froze over this winter. You might not be able to crawl out. I watched a guy try to emerge out of a tree well within a groomed area. He was lucky and made it. It was impressive how buried he was for such a small tree! I didn't even see him until his skis flew out of nowhere in front of me with no person on them. (I made sure he was OK).


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