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snow and cold and repeat whohooo

Wild week for the entire West Coast! All of us that read this blog and make snow pilgrimages to the Pass were loving most of the weather! I enjoyed seeing the Facebook posts of skis parked outside of coffee shops, and skijoring with the dogs down in Seattle.

Above photo is the skier exit out of Crystal Springs. Those 2 humps are the porta pottys.

It seems to me, we've had a number of heavy snow events mid February the last 3-4 years. I didn't go look at the stats, but....... So numerous reports out of Easton / Crystal Springs of 40+ inches in this cycle.

Yes, most of the areas should be in good shape - plowed and groomed! LandTec crew loves sculpting the snow and they had a good week. My husband was up snowboarding today and he had a really good day. (I worked).

One thing to keep in mind, sometimes the crews that plow and groom can't get to where they need to be due to the road closures, plowing priorities etc. Sani-cans won't see servicing if they can't get to them. WSDOT is the plow contractor for Gold Creek and Hyak, they get to those AFTER I-90 is cleared. I believe it is Kittitas County that plows the Salmon La Sac road and Sno-Park. Same thing, county road system first. Also, part of the P2C is in an avalanche zone, so they wait for that to slide before grooming through. The point is, plan for good conditions, but be prepared for continuing storm catch-up.

Below is what can happen when you are at a Sno-Park overnight during a storm. Pack your shovel.

OK, news:

Lake Easton State Park is scheduled for grooming for the first time this season on Friday and through the weekend. I will update Twitter / Facebook if I get new information from them. I suspect they were busy wherever they were.

Crystal Springs and Cabin Creek all should be plowed and groomed. One user driving through Crystal Springs today comments it looks perfect. (Expect full lots this weekend).

P2C should be OK, but they may still be track packing. I am trying to get the latest from them. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a report.

Salmon La Sac and US 97 base of Blewett:

2/14/19 – Salmon La Sac – Large groomer packed and groomed SLS today, no set track. Planning on next grooming 2/18/19.

2/14/19 – Hovey – Groomed and set track to turn-around. Temps mid-upper 20’s and snowing. Will groom next on 2/20/19.

2/14/19 – Iron – Groomed and set track to 9714-113; Did not groom full length due to avalanche concern and terrain features; temps and weather same as Hovey.

Also will groom next on 2/20/19.

Only event on the schedule is Ski for Light at Erling Stordahl on Saturday.

What is under that snow hump below? Michael's snocat!


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