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get it while you can!

Our season is drawing to a close, grooming ends March 31st, so maximize your free time!

SHB 1953 discussed in last weeks blog passed the House today 97 to 0!!!

Thank you to all who contacted your representatives, it makes a difference. Now we will wait to see what happens in the Senate.

Events are winding down, this is Meany's big closing with their weekend Winter Carnival.

Ski for Light will be at Erling on Saturday.

Grooming is more than just driving a snowmobile and dragging a tracksetter. Our new grooming program up Iron and Hovey Creeks (off Blewett Pass) is going well judging by the use we've seen.

Our groomer operator doesn't have a

blade attached to the front of his snowmobile, so out comes the shovel! Top photo is from last Sunday, left is from yesterday and bottom is the result of the smoothing operation. A fair bit of digging it seems.

Thank you Pete!

Back to SHB 1953. See last weeks blog on more detail about the legislation.

Substitute House Bill 1953, strikes out the word "seasonal" which will eliminate the need for Sno-Park users needing Discover Pass when purchasing a one day Sno-Park permit!

For those of you going up to Meany Lodge, Trollhaugen Lodge and Hyak will be most impacted. Call you representative today!

Sno-Parks impacted in our area are:


Crystal Springs

Lake Easton State Park

One last tidbit for this week is a recreation survey. I will write more about it next week, but for those of you who don't care about details, here you go:

Upper Yakima Basin Recreation Survey:


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