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winding down

Our season is drawing to a close. I am not ready for it to end - are YOU? Get up while you can!

Our last event is Ski for Light at Erling Stordahl on Saturday the 23rd. Set tracks side by side.

Grooming at both Iron/Hovey Creeks and Salmon La Sac ended this week. Due to reduced snow levels Lake Easton will be groomed Friday and the final grooming for the season will be tomorrow, Saturday 3/23. Grooming will be suspended beginning Sunday 3/24

Most Sno-Parks you will still be able to use, but Crystal Springs is typically locked on April 1st. All grooming, sanitation, and plowing contracts end at midnight the 31st. Whatever money is left / unused from this years budget is rolled right back into the pot. Typically most grooming, and sanitation budget is spent and plowing is dependent on storms. This year there should be a bit of rollover from our area due to a variety of reasons. The new budget is set in the summer after all bills for this winter are in and paid, and all receipts from vendors for Sno-Park permit sales are in.

Photo above is at Hyak with an excellent share the trail set up that was working well at this time. Walkers and snowshoers to the left and skiers on the right. It was a busy place.

One last thing - the legislation mentioned in this blog 3 weeks ago is making its way through the legislature and is now in the Senate and had a public hearing today.

There is till time to contact your Senator. Do it now! It takes one minute.

for more info on this legislation read the blog here


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