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Erling Berg and Ski For Light

Erling Berg is front row center, he just turned 95!

This was the recent dedication for the newly named "Erling Berg Forest Loop".

Skog Vei is Norsk for Forest Loop.

Erling Berg biography from Ski For Light's Roger Young who is a long time ski advocate and trails guy for Erling Stordahl. Thank you Roger!!

Erling Berg was born on January 14, 1927, on a small farm near Rissa, Norway. Rissa is a small village south of Trondheim.

Growing up on a small farm meant there was no money for such things as skis. Out of necessity, Erling and his brothers used whatever was available to make skis – usually staves from large wooden barrels. Erling tells about when he was in grade school, during the winter at recess time everyone would go outside to play in the snow. There was a small hill by the school and the kids would go to the hill, push snow into a pile the best they could, and that was their ski jump.

Erling emigrated to the United States in 1951 to work for his uncle who was a builder in Ballard. Erling became involved with the Sons of Norway and was heavily involved with the construction of Trollhaugen Lodge.

When Ski For Light Puget Sound was started, Erling was there as a guide. In addition to the Puget Sound program, Erling spent many years guiding for the International Ski For Light program.

One of the highlights as a guide for visually impaired skiers was when he guided for the USA in the para-Olympics in Innsbruck Austria.

To this day Erling is still involved with Trollhaugen Lodge and Ski For Light.

See more on Ski For Light on the Erling Stordahl page


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