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Feb. 26th, 2021

Snow snow and more! It just keeps coming! Above photo is take near French Cabin Creek out Salmon La Sac while parked in the new temporary Cle Elum River Campground Sno-Park. A perfect place for a nice relatively easy snowshoe.

Above photo is probably only of interest to those who venture in to Crystal Springs. Snow storage is filling up! By the way, this is a very expensive component to our winter recreation program and what the purchase of your permits funds. The depressions (they are really big) are designed for snow storage and to eventually infiltrate, draining to the Yakima River which is on the other side of the grooming sheds.

So with all this snow falling, be prepared! Pack a shovel, chains, extra clothes, food and water. Plan B and Plan C will be helpful. I had to resort to Plan C last weekend.

Now, with so much snow comes mechanical issues which I mentioned last week. This week I will mention that the grooming budget takes a hit. Grooming funds are usually spent every year since they budget for X miles for X days for a 4 month season. What can change the mix is when they have to repair washouts, cut trees, mess with early season low snow, fix trail vandalism and times like the past few weeks - pushing and compacting feet of snow.

Kongsbergers Ski Club is very dedicated to having great grooming at Cabin Creek / Erling Stordahl and have organized a fund raising site to continue midweek grooming through the end of March. The budget is really running down this season. If you want to see midweek grooming continue, donate to this organization:

Funds will all go to LandTec, the grooming contractor. I think its safe to say he will end the season pretty exhausted.

One a side note, the P2C / Hyak sled dog trails and Lake Easton State Park are groomed by Lake Easton State Park. They are not out of budget due to not grooming Wednesday - Thursday this season, plus a very late opening of Lake Easton State Park. The left over funds DO NOT get moved to another contract, rather they are rolled over to next season.


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