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Super Crunch

I hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Snow conditions are quite crunchy and solid right now, but that is why we have grooming. I hear the “road” at Cabin Creek and heading up Amabilis are pretty good. Berg and Viking are a bit solid. Rest of the systems are not officially groomed, but in places it is packed and smoothed, but not groomed. I call it rolled (when there is corduroy) but I think that is incorrect terminology. It is wavy, not buffed out and no set track. At this point, we have an excellent base and when it snows, it will be super fun!

I snowshoed through Erling Stordahl on the snowshoe routes today and I named our outing “Super Crunch”. There is now a one inch breakable rain crust on top of dried out snow. It was so loud crunching along I was wishing I had ear plugs. But hey, a day in the snow is a good day even if we are not on skis. Right?

Above photo is "Kitty Lane". We made the kitties life a little easier packing down the snow for them in spite of super crunch crust. We made so much noise that any napping kitty would have bolted to the other side of the hill in total panic.

I believe the sledding hill at Hyak is still closed until there is more snow, and I have not heard a peep from USFS and any potential grooming out at Salmon La Sac.

The weather forecast for the next few days is a chance of snow.

Events are just around the corner! Start planning.

Meany Lodge has their first Trek and Lunch on Saturday Jan. 4th. These are popular events and tend to fill up, in fact it looks like its full, but go see for yourself, maybe there are or will be openings.

For those of you who’ve been training all year for various events, well, here’s the first of Kongsberger's Ski club race coming up on Sunday Jan. 5th. The Gunnar Hagen. For those of you who train while participating in the event, go for it! Here you go:

On a completely different direction, we have 4 spaces left for the FREE skijor clinic also on Sunday Jan. 5th. Sign up here:

See the Snowshoe Page for links to many organized outings

See you out there!


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