The Great Pause Continues

The Great Pause continues. But now add on our snow pause. The next few days may produce a bit more snow, we shall see. At least we have snowflakes in the forecast and that makes me happy.

Not much news to report this week. The snowpack recedes at pass level. Freezing rain. Temperatures dropped. Once you ski further up Amabilis track is set and there is more snow. Check the grooming report found HERE for Cabin Creek. At this time there is no ski grooming outside of Cabin Creek as there is only about 8” of frozen solid snow ice mix at Crystal Springs.

Trollhaugen Lodge will be open for limited day use only this winter. Open to all, but there is a fee. Also, they have made their skis available for renting this season! Please call in advance and refer to their WEBSITE

While we are in The Great Pause, we are still going outside and going places. Most programs are cancelled or significantly altered for the season, but there are still a few options available, such as REI events, and The Mountaineers have group skis and lessons scheduled etc. These are always popular, and you will need to sign up early. Check out the links on the snowrec page for LESSONS.

I updated the grooming schedule, which this year is only applicable most of the time, not all of the time. I will upload the P2C grooming schedule separately as it has some variations this season. These are found on the home page.

Our Facebook Page continues to grow, look for "Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council". There you will see trip and conditions reports.

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